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The flight of time, Time flies like a shuttle. Fingertips, shenzhen chengjing photoelectric co., Ltd. has gone through several years, in recent years, is filled with a thousand regrets.

shenzhen chengjing photoelectric co., Ltd.  since its inception, with the courage of the aggressive, with the cause of the persistent attention to lighting up to today.

shenzhen chengjing photoelectric co., Ltd.  has always been adhering to the "integrity-based, professional win "business philosophy, standing on the manufacturer 's point of view, dedicated to LED energy-saving light source products cost-effective every customer to provide the most professional, most stable,

As the Iron Man Road, CHAMC; a smallachievement just past history today, and every step of development is the new starting point, in the future we need to work together to develop more brilliant. In the new stage of development, the company will continue to "pragmatic and enterprising, dedicated focus "concept of development

Give full play to the company 's existing resources; grasp the market outlook, set up the international perspective, the steady development of the company in the lighting industry, laying a strong foundation for shenzhen chengjing photoelectric co., Ltd.  to create corporate brand; also promote LED green light application to contribute, together to create a new era of green lighting LED!