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LED patent war, Germany ruled billion light Nichia patent infringement

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Taiwan LED packaging factory billion light and Japan led packaging factory Nichia set off in recent years, the patent war did not stop, Nichia in its latest press release pointed out that Nichia in Germany Dusseldorf district court against billion light and Germany subsidiary Everlight electronics Europe GmbH infringement, Duesseldorf area hospitals have been on September 3, 2013 ruling, the judge billion light 6 White LED products infringe Nichia has a YAG patent.

According to Nichia press release pointed out, billion light being judged cosmetic YAG patent (EP 936 682) request 1 (that is, to GaN Blue Chip collocation YAG phosphor) of six white LED products types of violations were SL-PAR38/B/P17/30/E30/ND, 67-21/QK2C-B56702C4CB2/2T, 67-21/ QK2C-B45562C4CB2/2T, 45-21/LK2C- B56702C4CB2/2T, 45-21/QK2C-B45562C4CB2/2T, SMD low power LED 61-238/LK2C-B56706F4GB2/ET.
In addition, Nichia pointed out that Dusseldorf medical identity Nichia requests, including billion light must stop selling being controlled infringing products and compensate for Nichia infringement by being incurred losses, at the same time, billion light shall be from the customer end recycling products infringement, and destroy the possession and possession of infringing products, Nichia also in the press release mentioned, billion light can appeal again. Therefore, the recovery and destruction of judgment is not finalized.
Nichia and pointed out that Dusseldorf area hospitals and revoke billion light by to the German Federal Patent Court filed a patent invalid litigation to the grounds for suspension of infringement proceedings request, billion light "patent invalid litigation" is mainly for Nichia the YAG patent, the German court has yet to the litigation judgment.
Nichia chemical on September 9 on its Web site released news release said the German Patent Litigation (European Patent EP 936 682, namely the German Patent No. de 697 02 929) B thing, billion light also on the official website released a message that, the company believe Nichia German patent should belong to invalid and has been in 2012 March in the German Federal Patent Court (Federal Patent Court of the Nichia chemical German patent filed a patent invalid litigation is expected to February 2014 judgment against the. In addition, this German Du Saiduo husband local court (d u sseldorf district court trial will result. The company deeply regret, will not rule out the possibility of appeal to the higher court.